We planted flowers this past weekend!

Marguerite Daisies


Next up: We are planning to grow 12′ sunflowers, if possible, and a mini vegetable and herb garden as well. So excited.  Have a great week!

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Stacy and I made gatha cards today.



The gathas are from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Present Moment Wonderful Moment:  Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living.



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Racism needs to die and be reborn as a heartwarming hug.


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Wired to Create

In a scaled down way, I could have written Wired to Create.  My life has provided the research.  I’m grateful to the authors for compiling all the meaningful information and beautiful insights.  It’s a must read, IMHO.

Wired to Create

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Lucia & John

Lucia & John  is a tribute. Donna Knowlton is my grandma and Dennis Gribben her priest.  No fooling!  Directed by Brianna Ellison.  January 30th and 31st at the Jersey Shore Arts Center.

For tickets and information, please go to http://www.lastradaensemble.org/   .




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Flowers, my short play and one-woman show that honors more than 20 years of life experience and chronicles a transformation, will be part of La Strada’s Gifts Festival at the Jersey Shore Arts Center starting on January 30th.  Deanna Schwartz is a nuanced performer. We’d love to see you there!  :-)

For tickets and information about the Gifts Festival, please go to http://www.lastradaensemble.org .




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An Expression of Gratitude

2015 has made me more grateful than any other year. Our wedding in the woods was beautiful in the truest sense. The purchase of our new home has led to the restoration of a peaceful bubble around us. The opportunity to write and be produced in a supportive theater community has inspired me to progress creatively as has an even more transformative love. My new extended family also makes me smile. I have restored what works best in my classroom as well. It’s been a good year.  Thank you.



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