These Dr. Martens are made for marching.




The Women’s March on NJ is Saturday, January 21st from 10am to 1pm.  One reason I’m marching:  to connect with like-minded people in NJ, the USA, and the entire world.

Register on Eventbrite: .

#WomensMarch #WomensMarchonNJ

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Next project: a novel?



Updated on 12/17/16:  I will continue writing short plays and am working on a 60-page+ play.  Fingers crossed on its completion and any upcoming productions!   I have also written the adapted narrative for a picture book based on an original story by Thich Nhat Hanh (to benefit impoverished children as requested by a nun living at Blue Cliff Monastery) and have outlined a (so far) 13-chapter novel.  The creative flow must be accessed, honored, and implemented to the fullest extent, especially in these troubling yet inspiring times.

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Butterfly Master

BUTTERFLY MASTER, my new monologue play, is about a physicist who shares his passion for tai chi because the world denies people comfort.  It will be performed at La Strada’s Crazy Love Festival on January 20, 21, 22 2017.



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Sneak Peak: A Life Worth Digging

During her midlife crisis, an archeologist discovers A LIFE WORTH DIGGING. My short play with a double happy ending will be featured at La Strada’s Rainbow Festival in May-June 2017.  After the La Strada production, the Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County also plans to produce it as a staged reading.


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FLOWERS accepted to New York New Works Theatre Festival

FLOWERS is a monologue play that chronicles one woman’s journey of love, identity, illness, loss, discovery, acceptance, and positive transformation.  Also an ode to family, this play will be at the New York New Works Theatre Festival in September.  What an incredible honor.  I’m grateful for this opportunity.


First-round Performance Date:  Wednesday, September 14th.


Disclaimer: Please be aware that shows performing after 8:30pm are not suitable for younger audiences.

For more information about the New York New Works Theatre Festival and tickets, please go to .

NYNW Theatre Fest Photo


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Offsides, screenplay and stage play

Offsides is Bend It Like Beckham meets Girl Interrupted. 

Writer:  Jennifer DiOrio

Director: Alberto Bonilla at

Funding is necessary.

Synopsis:  Marissa DiGiacomo, a top student and star soccer player, is at a crossroads. She will lose it all if she makes the wrong decision. One of her decisions could change everything and leave her mother alone to pick up the pieces in this searing family drama and period piece.

First conceived in a journal in 1996, finally written as a screenplay in 2008 and produced as a stage play in 2010…

Themes:  family, relationships, coming of age, individuation, soccer, spiritual growth, creativity, nature


Offsides is a moving family drama that uncovers the angst and struggles of a seemingly average suburban family. Three generations, each with its own story and conflicts, interact to produce the central character’s conflict and eventual resolution. The ending, which may be shocking to some, is carefully constructed to flow naturally from the plot. Both young and older audiences will find something to relate to in this tale of life, love, and family needs.

~Anthony Giordano, NJ playwright and independent filmmaker

Family Conflict

http://www.forestwander.comSet in fictional Montview, NJ, OFFSIDES is a new play written and produced by emerging playwright and screenwriter Jennifer DiOrio and directed by the talented Alberto Bonilla. Its melodramatic yet sophisticated plot about an Italian-American family blends universal themes and unexpected twists. Engaging the audience’s curiosity, feeling, and hope with natural ease, the script brings conflict, laughter, life, family, love, and many human emotions into focus. The story is compelling, moving, and real — and it manages to touch both heart and soul. The cast was nothing less than phenomenal. I loved it from beginning to end.

~Lori Snyder, NY Life Coach/Host & Anchor of Newsbutterfly on Cable

Offsides Logo
Preview Stage Production

Location: The Watchung Arts Center at 18 Stirling Road in Watchung, NJ

Dates: October 22, 23, 24 in 2010

Director: Alberto Bonilla at

Original cast:  Lauren Cruz, Valentine Aprile, Andrew Koss, Tony Rugnetta, Virginia Hill, Melissa Pantojan, Christopher Lopez, and John Kushnerick.

Number of actors: 8 or 12 (4 female, 4 male OR 9 female, 3 male)
Number of characters: 12 (ages range from 17 to mid-sixties)
Length: approx. 2 hours
Setting: NJ, 1990

Photos by Dan Bryan:

Thanks to all those who attended the first stage production and benefit for the Watchung Arts Center. Our production at the WAC sold out on October 22 (opening night), followed by a full house on October 23 and total ticket sales that beat the previous two nights on October 24th. In fact, the WAC commented that the center has not seen that kind of attendance in years. Everyone’s positive feedback continues to be greatly appreciated.

I have also finished the new screenplay (and revised the stage play) of Offsides. We hope to bring it back to the stage in front of a larger audience and produce the movie within a few years. Stay tuned for details!


Jen DiOrio, Writer and Executive Producer of Offsides


Recognition for Early Drafts of the Screenplay of OFFSIDES:

OFFSIDES reached the quarterfinals of the 2009 Cynosure Screenwriting Awards Competition. See

A preliminary analysis from another major writing competition mentioned that OFFSIDES includes “real problems” and “real drama” for the “well-painted characters” and action for the actors that adds “a wonderful layer to the film.”

Offsides, a coming-of-age/family drama by Jennifer DiOrio

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We found Louie!

Today, Stacy and I found Louie, our new puppy, and will bring him home in a few weeks.  Bennie and Jester, his brudders, are mentally preparing for their new sibling.




I plan to post about upcoming shows soon, but our garden and pets have been occupying our attention as of late.  It’s awesome.

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