Audition Announcement for Web Series

We will be shooting in late September 2014 in NJ.
Sides will be provided via email.
Tape audition and send video to ASAP.
Final audition in Madison, NJ (if necessary).

Brief synopsis: Set in the near future in NJ, this web series opens with a conversation between a pharmaceutical executive and a research scientist, who are discussing the development of a new drug to control a type of human behavior. Meanwhile, their wives have other ideas in mind.

Character breakdown:
John…pharmaceutical executive
Amelia…small business owner
Julie…police detective (with blue eyes and brown hair, ideally)
Sam…woman, research scientist
Dr. Kushner…woman, therapist

All characters in their 30s, except the therapist, who is 40+. Smaller roles are also available and will be assigned. Every actor/actress will be considered. Some pay.

Again, sides will be provided. Tape audition and send video to

Would you like to be an extra in our web series? Kyle Schickner of FenceSitter Films and I could arrange your participation if you also donate your home, office building/offices, lab, or restaurant. We are in need of such locations for no more than a couple of shooting days at the end of September. Please contact me if you would like to participate. Your name and location will be in the credits. NJ locations only! It’s free publicity and fun.  :-)


Jennifer DiOrio

Writer and Producer

Offsides NJ Productions

Kyle Schickner

Director and Producer

FenceSitter Films

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Variety Show at the WAC in October 2014

On Saturday, October 18th at 8pm,  Joanne Filan, Poet on Watch, Jen DiOrio (in association with Women Who Write), and Sarah Dubinsky are joining forces to present a variety show of new work at the Watchung Arts Center in NJ.


Here is the current line-up:

Joanne Filan, a seasoned observational comedian (10 minutes)

Not On My Watch, a  play by Poet on Watch (2 women, 10 minutes, political erotica)

Lockdown, a play by Jen DiOrio (4 women/1 man, 20 minutes, dark comedy, staged reading)


Catladies: The Musical That Makes Lawyers Purr, by Sarah Dubinsky (3 women/1 man, 25-minute song medley,  quirky absurdity).  This musical comedy was previously showcased at the NY Festival of the Offensive.

Melanie Heit Rivellese is the director.  Sherr Rase is the assistant director, stage manager, and/or sound person.

Cast:  Melanie Heit Rivellese, Sherr Rase, Deana Loria, Kyle Schickner, Lara McDavit, Michael Valentine, Claude Aubourg, and Miriam Tab

Note:  Actors  and crew members will not be paid.  Neither will writers.  This is a volunteer production.  We will split the ticket sales with the WAC.  Our earnings will go towards rehearsal space, dinner the night of the show, a donation to Women Who Write and the Clarence Dillon Public Library in Bedminster, and/or any other miscellaneous items.

See you at the Watchung Arts Center on Saturday, October 18th at 8pm! :-)


Jen DiOrio, writer and producer at Offsides NJ Productions


Mirrored image contributed by Nicole Argento.

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Web Series Coming Soon…

Good news… I will be doing a web series based on my stage script that was featured at the October 2013 public reading at the Watchung Arts Center.  L.A.-based Kyle Schickner of FenceSitter Films will produce the series.  More info about auditions will follow.  Stay tuned for details…


– Jen DiOrio, Writer


My previous projects:

10-Minute Play Reading/Showcase in 2013 at the Watchung Arts Center in Watchung, NJ and with the Stage and Screen Writing Group of Women Who Write

Sadie’s Lady Ways Monologues in 2012 at Out of the Box in Highland Park, NJ and Inspired Word in New York and in association with Echopathy (creator of the back beats/sounds)

Offsides, the stage play in 2010 also at the Watchung Arts Center, directed by New York-based Alberto Bonilla.  Screenplay is also available.

Open letter/monologue to Herman Miller, which was published on McSweeney’s (2004) and broadcast on NPR’s Weekend America (2005, via RealPlayer)

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“Comedy Plus A Side Order of Thinking” at the Watchung Arts Center on October 18th (Press Release)


Contact Joe Higgins, Office Manager


Comedy Plus A Side Order of Thinking
at the Watchung Arts Center

(Watchung, NJ) – A comedian and three playwrights are joining forces to present “Comedy Plus A Side Order of Thinking,” a variety show of original work, at the Watchung Arts Center on Saturday, October 18th at 8pm. The evening will include a performance by Joanne Filan, a seasoned observational comedian, and three plays: Not On My Watch by Poet on Watch, Lockdown by Jennifer DiOrio (staged reading), and Catladies: The Musical That Makes Lawyers Purr by Sarah Dubinsky (medley of songs).   A dessert reception will follow the performance. Reviewers and theater representatives are invited to attend. This show is not innocent enough for children.

Filan’s “Upstream of Consciousness” comedy, described as “strong enough for a man but pH balanced for a woman,” complements the three plays which explore love of all kinds, lgbtq issues, social media, and other topics.

An Offsides NJ Production by Jennifer DiOrio, the show is directed by Melanie Heit Rivellese, with Sherr Rase serving as Assistant Director and Stage Manager. Cast members include Melanie Heit Rivellese, Sherr Rase, Deana Loria, Kyle Schickner (of FenceSitter Films), Lara McDavit, Michael Valentine, Claude Aubourg, and Miriam Tab.

Tickets for this performance are $16 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets may be purchased online at   Seating is limited. Proceeds will go to the Watchung Arts Center.  Offsides NJ Productions will donate ticket sales to Women Who Write, Madison Community House, and the public library in Bedminster.

The Watchung Arts Center is located on the circle at 18 Stirling Road, Watchung, NJ. To obtain more information about upcoming performances, classes and workshops, and monthly art exhibitions, please visit or call 908-753-0190.

About Joanne Filan:  After growing up in New Jersey (but refusing to die there), Joanne has made her way around the comedy club scene and around the comedy country. Joanne Filan 3 Performing at well-known places like The Friars Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Caroline’s, New York Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory and more, not to mention being a fixture in the traveling show “The Broads of Broadway,” she is well known in the comedy world. She even reaches the masses through her television and media appearances, including Here TV’s Hot Gay Comics, Comedy Time TV, and in “Comics Favorite Jokes” in the NY Post.  Joanne has taken part in festivals and competitions as well, from The New York Underground Comedy Festival and the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston to this year’s The Ladies of Laughter Competition. She has ventured into the college circuit — hosting, featuring in, and headlining events at Bryn Mawr College, Monmouth and Lehigh Universities, and many more. Her writing ability has also come into play as she has just finished co-writing a television pilot called “No Man’s Land.”  She is also a regular speaker at creative writing classes at St. John’s University –ensuring her creativity will go on, despite any side effects. A decade into the business, Joanne has never been more on top of her game.  She consistently delivers a unique “stream of consciousness” style of humor full of random thoughts and quirky observations that keep audiences either rolling in the aisles or on the edges of their seats, anxious to hear what she has to say next.  With an amazing gift for improv, razor-sharp wit, and a subtle delivery, Joanne is an unexpected gem — a comedian so able to tap into the moment that no two shows are ever alike.  To find out where she is next, go to and follow the stream.

About Poet on Watch: Poet On Watch is a southern-rooted performance poet, director, and screenwriter.  Poet On WatchShe has worked with theater companies, universities, cultural organizations, social institutions, and individual artists across North America, North Africa, Canada, and Europe through her commissioned writing programs. Poet On Watch has been published in two anthologies, Mother Tongue and Mighty Real: An Anthology Of African-American Same Gender Loving Writing. She is also the author of two collections of poetry entitled Sageburner Simple Pleasure and Poet On Watch published by Freeverse Publishing.   Check out for more information.

About Jen DiOrio:  A content but curious native of New Jersey, Jen is the writer, producer, and sole proprietor at Offsides NJ Productions (founded in 2008). Jennifer DiOrio, Writer and ProducerIn 2010, she self-produced Offsides, her full-length tragicomedy directed by NY-based Alberto Bonilla at the Watchung Arts Center in New Jersey, where she also produced a 10-minute play showcase featuring the scripts of her writing group (2013).  LA-based Kyle Schickner of FenceSitter Films will produce Jen’s upcoming web series, based on her 30-minute triptych also featured at the showcase.  Lockdown, her short dark comedy, will be given a staged reading at the Watchung Arts Center in October 2014.  A member of the Dramatists Guild and Women Who Write, Jen produced Sarah Dubinsky’s Catladies:  The Musical That Makes LawyerPurr at the New York Festival of the Offensive in 2014.  Dr. Juanita Kirton of the 4th Annual Women’s Writing Retreat at the Kirkridge Retreat Center in PA has invited Jen to be a guest speaker in September 2014 as well.  Back in  2004, McSweeney’s published her open letter to Herman Miller, the deceased cubicle designer, that was later featured as a reading on NPR’s Weekend America (2005).  In addition, Jen has performed monologues, poems, and songs at Out of the Box in Highland Park, NJ and The Inspired Word in NY. Musician and producer Echopathy recorded the backbeats and sounds for one of her Sadie’s Lady Ways monologues in 2012.   Jen also teaches British Literature and Creative Writing at a high school in NJ.  For more information on Jen’s productions, go to  For all of the above and your support, she is eternally grateful.

About Sarah Dubinsky:  Sarah loves her pussycats and any other furred creatures she can pet.  CatLadySarahHer songs, poems, and stories glitter like pyrite and have the depth of a puddle.  Surprisingly, Sarah has been rejected by eleven of the very best Master of Fine Arts in Poetry programs in the English speaking world. Fortunately, she already had her law degree at the time she applied.  Sarah once dreamed of being a lawyer. Having attained her goal, Sarah then dreamed of being a writer. Having now attained that goal, Sarah dreams of more cats than can possibly fit on the internet.  And sometimes those cats dream of her.

To meow with Sarah, go to

Contact Joe Higgins, Office Manager


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We did it. (Of course we did.)

Being cute and offensive at the same time felt spectacular.


Catladies:  The Musical That Makes Lawyers Purr, by writer/composer Sarah Dubinsky, was showcased at the Festival of the Offensive on May 3rd and 4th, 2014 at The Producers’ Club, 358 West 44th (between 8th & 9th Aves), NY, NY 10036.



Melanie Heit Rivellese…Stella Woo
Deana Loria…Fran O’Neil
Lara McDavit…Violet Voilet
Michael Valentine…Grey De Chavez
Melanie Heit Rivellese…Director/Composer
Sherr Rase…Assistant Director/Stage Manager

We hope you enjoyed the show.  Thanks for your support.

Doo wop woo, meow!  

Jen DiOrio, Producer

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Do what you do…

Do what you do for yourself because you must honor your humanity, your family and friends because honoring theirs is important as well, and those who can’t do much of anything because they have been abducted, imprisoned in some way, persecuted, maimed, tortured, or killed…and they deserve to be saved, remembered, or given an opportunity to discover and do what makes them happy if they survive.


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Wait, was that a full-house crowd?

Facebook posts from tonight (May 3rd), in order:

 <3 Catladies. Wait, was that a full-house crowd?

I cannot stop laughing. That Catlady sh*t is just too f*cking funny. I giggled the whole train ride home. I’m serious!

sdubinsky catladies lawyered revamp2

Thank you all for coming to the show tonight. Thank you Jacquetta, Greg, Rachel, Donat and everyone else involved in making the Festival of the Offensive happen!  The Festival is wonderfully supportive and all-around AWESOME !!! I cried as I was walking to the train station. I am so proud of Sarah, Melanie, Sherr, Deana, Lara, and Michael. Amazing…


Catladies is at the F-OFF Fest tomorrow, May 4, 4pm, The Producers Club, 358 West 44th (between 8th & 9th Aves) NY, NY 10036. Meow! ‪#‎FOFF‬

Sarah had the Catlady hats made for the show and people are noticing. On the train, a little girl asked her dad to ask me about my hat. I told him about it and gave him Sarah’s card for contact info. On the next train a woman said, “I love your hat!” Then I told her about the show and gave her a magnet. A guy at the train station said he loved it also. Others just smiled big.  <3  See hats at this link:!catladies/c9dx .



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Cat/Dog Fight

The lawyers are fighting like cats and dogs about cats and dogs. Ha.


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Fluidity is beautiful.








Photo credit:

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